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Pcb design issues and ordering precautions

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Pcb design issues and ordering precautions

  • 2020-01-07

The PCB design of the printed circuit board (hereinafter referred to as the circuit board) is mainly based on the circuit schematic diagram to achieve the functional characteristics required by the engineer. The design of the PCB refers to the design of the layout. At the same time, the overall layout of the external connection needs to be considered. Finally, the overall layout is coordinated by internal electronic components. Coordinates the overall layout of metallized wires and vias (through holes). Electromagnetic protection. Various factors such as heat dissipation. Reasonable and perfect layout design can not only save the cost of production, but also maximize the circuit board to achieve good circuit performance and heat dissipation. The usually simple layout design can be realized manually, and the complicated layout design may need to be realized by the function of a computer.

Since our PCB pricing is mainly based on customer-designed documents, which are converted into our internal gerber production documents for circuit board production, the principle of customer design cannot be known in the daily processing EQ. Confirm with the customer again. A summary of some of the common minor issues that engineers have designed above.

In appearance:

1, the customer's document on the PCB design lacks an outline layer (mechanical 1 layer or keep out layer).

2, the mechanical layer and the keep out layer overlap, resulting in large circles and small circles.

3, the shape layer and the drilling layer are overlapped, resulting in slots and holes.

4, the shape has a groove less than 0.8 (the minimum drill width of the Jieyuan factory is 0.8). The customer needs to increase it to 0.8 or delete the production. Fifth, there are right angles and circular arcs at the corners of the shape.

PCB design

On the line:

1, the customer's line is disconnected somewhere, whether it needs to be connected / the lines of somewhere overlap each other and whether the connection is disconnected.

2, the spacing and width of the two lines is 5mil beyond our factory limit.

3, the grid spacing of the board is too small and less than 0.2mm, it can not be produced. It can be directly filled into copper to make or modify the spacing above 0.2mm.


 PCB layout service

On solder mask:

1, where there are multiple windows in the solder paste layer, there is no corresponding window in the group solder layer.

2, the IC pad spacing is not 0.25mm, can not be used as a group solder bridge, can open the window design.


1, the character design is on the pad, which affects the soldering, and will be directly removed or deleted.

2, the minimum width of the character (0.15mm) and the minimum height of the character (0.8mm). If it is less than the length and width standards, the physical board may cause the characters to be unclear due to design reasons.

3, the design of the bottom character of the file is orthographic. You need to confirm whether the bottom design is positive or whether you need mirroring or special design.

PCB design service

On the via:

1, the via hole is less than 0.4mm from the board edge. The pad cannot be guaranteed. Is it copper-free?

2, plating holes larger than 10Mm cannot be made, can it be made of copper free? First

3, square holes can't be made, can you make them oval?

4, for pcb files, some hole properties are copper-free, but corresponding to the pad opening window, is it copper-free according to the properties?

5, there are many holes in the file. There are heavy holes. Not sure which to do?

6, the slots, drill holes, shapes, and mechanical layers in the file are not the same. Please confirm which layer to make.

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